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Most people think that buying a new launch condo in the Rest of Central Region (RCR) is a combination of low price and good location.

But the truth is… They are not looking at the right places. 

In fact, more and more CCR projects have lower entry prices (psf) than RCR properties

And being in the Prime Districts…


Their potential gains and rental yields will be higher than their city fringe counterparts due to the future developments in the city and more robust connectivity (such as transportation and amenities). 

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In The News…

As the market picks up, we take a look at the JLL report about the potential upside of luxury properties in Singapore, especially in the CCR.

“The outlook for this segment is positive as foreign purchase of high-end homes or those costing above $2,000 psf doubled last year after dropping 80% since 2010 following the Singapore government’s easing of its stringent manpower policy in late 2015.”

(Source: PropertyGuru / JLL)

(Source: PropNex)

Based on the chart above, the prices of CCR projects remain attractive for buyers. Even the new homes in RCR and OCR will set new highs at $2,800 psf and $2,400 psf respectively.

In case you’re wondering what CCR, RCR, OCR means…

Click on the image of this map to read about the meaning of these terms... And the districts in each category. (Source:

Why Properties In The Core Central Region Are A Better Investment

As of 2017, properties in the CCR went up by 0.1% at the beginning of Q3 according to URA’s Private Residential Property Index. 

That being said…

Is it the right time to invest in properties in the CCR?


The answer is yes

And Here are The 3 Key Reasons Why:

Insight #1: 

Limited Land Supply in Singapore

There is limited land supply in Singapore.

If you purchase a property in the CCR today, expect an upward trend in the price of your home.

Low supply of land contributes to the high bids which are likely to affect future prices and capital gains.

And that’s not all. 

There will be even further limitations on Freehold properties in the future. The chance of investing profitably in properties will become more difficult as land space becomes less in Singapore.

Insight #2: 

Strong Transactions of CCR Properties

According to URA, 729 units of residential properties in the CCR were sold in Q1 2017, 1,171 in Q2 and 1,470 in Q3.

These sales indicate an increase from the 619 units sold in Q4 2016.

Furthermore the sale of homes above $5 million have been on the rise ever since 2014, as reported by List Sotheby’s International Realty.

The rise in sales is because the units are becoming highly sought after not just by Singaporeans, but also Chinese nationals, Malaysians and Indonesians.

(Source: Yahoo! News Singapore)

Recent news are showing international celebrities like Donnie Yen (star of Ip Man movies) looking for luxury properties in Singapore. 

This is due to reasons such as better standard of living, better education facilities and lower property taxes. 

Other notable figures include billionaire James Dyson (Founder of Dyson) snapping up a penthouse in Wallich Residence at Tanjong Pagar, Eduardo Saverin (Co-founder of Facebook) and Jackie Chan, both investing in The Orchard Residences built on top of ION Orchard Shopping mall. 

But why? It’s simple… They are attracted to the:

1 – Superb location and lifestyle that a CCR luxury condo will provide

2 – Better education facilities and accessibility in the central part of Singapore

3 – Lower property taxes as compared to other countries in the region

Insight #3: 

Strong Resistance To Oversupply in The CCR

While properties in all the regions experience vacancy, the number of vacant units in the CCR contributed the least of the total 6.8% private residential vacancy rate.

Last year alone, more than 26,000 new private non-landed properties where added to the market.

According to URA, the rental income from properties in the CCR declined by 3.8%. But income from properties in OCR and RCR declined by 5.6% – which is much higher.

The properties are not threatened by the addition of several new units in the market, because their demand remains high due to their excellent location.

Expect rising number of expats renting properties in the CCR due to the location itself. This will only increase the rental demands and value of CCR properties.

Only The Well-Equipped & Knowledgeable Investors Will Benefit From Rising Trends of CCR Properties…

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This Definitive Guide Includes:

  • Number #1 “Queue Filling Factor” for rushing crowds in CCR new launch showflats
  • What are some of the factors that make these top CCR homes a worthy investment (and why one of them stands out)
  • Why NOW is the best time to invest in CCR properties
  • Bonus “Insider Tip” from developers and property experts (that only a few buyers and investors know about)

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