Finally! The Career Breakthrough Formula Revealed… Especially If You Are A RES Looking To Get Breakthroughs In Your Career

“Imagine What You Could Do In As Little As 2 Months When You Learn To Become A 

Client Asset Building Expert 

And Grow Your Real Estate Career Faster Than Most Agents!”

That is when you JOIN A TEAM of Successful Asset Consultants, not just ordinary buy-sell-rent agents… And get mentoring from a Super Platinum Achiever, and model the proven methods of success!

(Turn up your volume to watch this short video on why Kenny Lee is looking for new team members to become successful Client Asset Building Experts)

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We are only accepting 10 new associates in our team, so take action now!
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From the desk of Kenny Lee
Associate Division Director
Team Kenny Lee & Associates


Dear Fellow Agents, 

I’m Kenny Lee, team leader and mentor in Kenny Lee & Associates (KLA), one of the fastest growing teams in PropNex. 

To date, we have more than $50 million worth of properties under management and our team grew from 1 to 15 associates in the past 12 months… including a new agent who closed a $3.2 million landed property within a short 2 months

What makes us different?

Instead of just helping clients to buy, sell or rent homes, we train our agents to become “Asset Building Experts” for our clients. 

That means we assist our clients in building assets in real estate, enhancing their portfolio and achieve financial freedom. To do that, we also stay relevant and advanced when it comes to sales and marketing techniques.

Singapore top property agent

Here’s The Thing – If You Are:

  • New agent who just finished your RES exam
  • Looking for a team to grow in
  • Or even been in the industry for years and want to see breakthroughs in your career...

You might want to read what I’m going to say next…

When you join our team, in as little as 2 short months you can start:

  • Closing a high-ticket resale deal worth up to $1 Million (or even more!) when you apply our unique closing technique (and repeat the process again, and again)
  • Growing your income to at least 5 figures per month with the help of your fellow high-achieving associates in the team
  • Becoming a thought leader in asset building as you grow your real estate business and clients network (your knowledge becomes so valuable that your clients and even colleagues will go to you first for advice)
  • Living a comfortable lifestyle as you seamlessly balance work and family (we even organise fun gatherings to build strong bonds among team members)

Focusing On Growth, Expertise & Results…

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“Within 2 months I’ve closed a transaction worth $3.2 million…”

Victor The
Associate Marketing Manager
Team Kenny Lee & Associates

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“Coming into his team we feel that we are a closely knitted family…”

Wallace Cheong
Associate Division Director
Team Kenny Lee & Associates

Here Is The Problem That Most Agents Are Facing…

Most agents (especially new agents) out there don’t have the right guidance and mentorship to attain their desired career goals. And worse, they dabble on things that bring them further away from these goals. 

I’ve seen agents who spent lots of time and money:

  • Attending sales seminars
  • Taking online courses
  • Signing up for workshops
  • Joining networking events

And still, they couldn’t earn enough commissions and grow their network of clients. 

Even some experienced agents struggle to scale their real estate career. 

The problem is simple – Not being focused on their ultimate objectives. 

Example: If you want to become a Platinum Producer, you must start working towards earning 6-figures income per month.

But that’s not all.

With fast-changing technology and marketing trends, most agents find it hard to keep up with new marketing techniques like digital marketing, social media or even creating personal brand. 

That is because they were not exposed to the right resources from the beginning. 

Traditional marketing methods like door knocking, roadshows and flyer distribution are not getting results anymore.

Here at Kenny Lee & Associates, our agents are equipped with new skills and ideas to scale their real estate businesses.

What Would This Mean For You?

Getting your foot in the right place at the beginning is very important. 

More importantly, being part of a team that is accountable for your success and keeps you focused on your goals.  

Team KLA not only trains you, but we will take every measure to groom you into a successful leader in the real estate industry. We help you identify your desired career objective and pave the way for you to reach it (And we won’t stop until you do!)

Just picture yourself in a few months from now:

  • Being able to meet any client, impart him or her with your valuable knowledge, and eventually closing the deal - without feeling stressed by sales targets
  • Earning consistent commissions every month to provide comfortably for yourself and your family (even going on year-end vacations without worry because you have sufficient monthly cash flow)
  • Becoming an expert in a field that you can be proud of, even your clients and colleagues will look up to you and get advice from you whenever they need
  • Eventually grow and lead your own team of high-achieving associates that you can impart your knowledge and skills to (just like how Kenny does with the team)

3-Pronged Approach To “Client Asset Building Expertise”:

Our relevant and advanced trainings empower every agent to become an Asset Consultant who shares valuable knowledge with his or her clients… And even have fun doing it!




Mentoring – Success is not created, but modelled. Learn from a proven mentor to replicate the results that he has achieved. 

Training – We keep ourselves up-to-date with the changing trends of sales and marketing. As Asset Consultants, we must be relevant and advanced when meeting our clients’ needs.

Bonding – Even though we are easily connected with each other via WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger, our team still meets every week for breakfast to catch up on our closings and other updates. 

Why NOW Is The Time To Enter The Real Estate Industry?

(And Particularly In KLA)

Parc Riviera (Launch 2016, TOP 2020)

Take this new launch project in 2016 for example: 

Parc Riviera at West Coast fully sold all its 752 units in less than a yearThe price of the units were too-good-to-be-missed for many buyers that it became a no-brainer for agents to sell.

Projects like this can be rewarding for real estate agents, and you could help your client own a lucrative asset. 

So, if you’ve missed it in 2016…

Don’t Miss It In 2020!

The Projects Are Going To Get More And More Exciting…

What if: 

You could be selling a property that is too-good-to-be-missed among several launches in 2020…

You could earn yourself a comfortable income that’s rewarding for you and your family…

You could do this again and again for future projects and grow your career…

You could learn the exact strategies (in Kenny Lee & Associates) that closed an $8 million property in Marina Bay…

Warning! While We Are Excited To Grow Our Team At Massive Scales, We WON’T Be Taking People Who:

Want to get rich quickly. 

The real estate industry is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Every agent in KLA works very hard to achieve success. We pride ourselves as action takers and implement what we learn to grow our real estate career.


Don’t believe in themselves or their colleagues.

While we work as a team, you are 100% responsible for your own success. And success requires belief and knowing your self-worth. 


Are not teachable or coachable.

We only work with agents who keep their minds open to learn new skills that will take their real estate businesses to greater heights.

But Kenny, I have some questions to ask you…

What if I don’t achieve success in your team?

We will make sure that you get ample training, guidance and mentoring in our team (either by myself or our senior associates). Like I mentioned, you are fully responsible for your own success and we will expect you to work diligently towards your goals.


Can I join you if I haven’t gotten my CEA license?

Sure! You can join us for our weekly meetings and trainings to get to know your new colleagues, and learn more about the industry. It will be an added advantage if you start early.


Can I join you if I’m already a RES in another team?

Yes, definitely. We would suggest you talk to your current leader if you want to look for a new challenge in your real estate career. After that, you can feel free to talk to us!

We Work Hard, And Play Hard Too!

It’s not all work… We conduct fun gatherings, outings and parties to get to know one another better and build close ties with each other.

All-White Yacht Party With The Division
Paintball Team Cohesion To Find Out Who's The Best Marksmen Among Us!
Fun Family Gathering During Chinese New Year (Every Year!)
Property Viewing With The Team (Look At The View!)

About Kenny Lee

Kenny Lee Propnex

I’m Kenny Lee and I’m looking for passionate new members to join my team

I’ve coached other realtors in areas such as negotiation skills, asset progression and management

In my close to 10 years of real estate advisory experience, I have transacted more than $100 million worth of properties comprising of sales, rental, leasing and business assignment in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

As a team, we strive to provide white-glove and high quality customer service. Many of our associates are frequently recommended by their clients to their social circle.

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“He is ready to mentor you and to help you achieve your breakthroughs by sharing with you his proven strategies.”

Kelvin Thong
Associate Group District Division Director
Kelvin Thong Division

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“Kenny Lee achieved the Super Platinum award which is not an easy feat for anyone. Many people are joining him to be part of a winning formula.”

Ismail Gafoor

Remaining Slots Left...

P.S. I’m only taking in 10 new associates this time… Because I want to mentor and work with very committed team members. We’ll go through a selection process once we speak with you and get to know you better. 

So, take action now before it’s too late!

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